Is your business software making life harder?

Get a tech stack that you can count on to help your small to mid-sized business run faster, easier, and smarter.

You know how tough it is to get software to work for your business.

Software is essential for your business–it keeps your team productive and your customers happy.

You’ve invested time and money into getting it right because it has to work well.

Yet, even with all of that effort, you’re still running into problems.

  • Different systems can’t talk to each other.

  • Data gets inputted incorrectly and you can never find what you need.

  • You have to do things the software’s way instead of your way.

  • It stops working all of a sudden and you keep having outages.

  • You can’t afford to lose staff who know your systems, but you can’t train anyone new on how to use them.

  • Customers expect a modern experience that you can’t deliver.

You know there has to be a better way, you just don’t have the time or expertise to figure it out.

Your tech stack should make your business faster, easier, and smarter.

How much better would you sleep at night if your software…

  • Automated the busy work your team hates doing?

  • Ensured that data is accurate and accessible?

  • Empowered your team to innovate and challenge your competition?

  • Didn’t need any training because it’s that easy to use?

  • Reliably worked 24/7/365?

  • Delivered an experience that your customers can’t stop raving about?

What if your software didn’t just work, it propelled your business to new heights?

“Nick and Matt are internally referred to by our team as “the magicians”. They took our ideas, built-upon them, and translated them into a rad digital experience. They anticipated our needs and were incredibly supportive and trustworthy partners through the entirety of the process. They are a one stop shop for impeccable design, logic, and execution.”

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Jenna Constantino

Lynden Lane

We’re software experts who can get your business a tech stack that you can count on.

Hi! We’re

Nick A photo of Nick Basile. & Matt A photo of Matt Basile.

, and together we’re Markham Square. As product designers, software engineers, and educators, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes and industries level up their tech stacks for over a decade.

Our cross-disciplinary expertise enables us to find problems, create solutions, and communicate with you like no one else can.

We leverage our years of design & engineering expertise and a variety of battle-tested methods & frameworks to ensure your tech stack reliably serves as the foundation of your business.

How do you get a better tech stack?

Software results start with the people who use them, so we take the time to get to know your company. That way we can deeply understand and identify your challenges, and build a tech stack that will actually work for your business.


Deep dive your current software situation.

We start with a consultation to learn about your current software challenges and understand your goals. From there, we’ll meet with key members of your team to see how they use your software today.


Diagram your whole system.

We’ll transfer our newfound knowledge out of our heads and onto paper so we can make sure we’re all on the same page. You’ll get to keep every service blueprint, customer journey map, user flow, and any other relevant diagrams we design so you’ll have the clearest picture you’ve ever had of your business.


Develop a technical roadmap with your team.

We work directly with your team through guided co-creation workshops to develop solutions that you’ll actually want to use. Then, we blend that output with our technical expertise to develop a technical roadmap that will achieve your software goals.


You’re ready for implementation.

Your roadmap comes with everything you need to implement your new tech stack. We’re happy to handle the implementation, guide your team as they do it, or completely hand it off to whoever you’d like to have do it. No matter which approach you choose, we’re here to help.

Ready for a tech stack your business can count on?

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